Project Members: Dylan Mathiesen, Jess Farber, Joshua Ribbons, Tristan Davey

James Cook University

What was Babblish?

Babblish was constructed as part of a third-year IT project at James Cook University for the project management subjects CP3046 and CP3047. The system and all documentation was created by Dylan Mathiesen, Jess Farber, Joshua Ribbons and Tristan Davey.

The project was managed through agile methodologies, with well controlled and timeboxed iterations taking place every three weeks.

Although the system was functional at the completion of CP3047, the project was abandoned due to time commitments of most of the team moving to honours projects and associated final year studies.

Original Objective

"Babblish aims to create a new social networking and web discovery service through a browser extensions and an interactive website which create a socially networked environment from any website. By creating a un-intrusive interface, users can actively chat while visiting websites, find websites on related topics and participate in an interactive rating system, which can be applied to any webpage on the Internet.

The system will integrate advanced tracking, statistics and data mining algorithms to make highly accurate recommendations to users who are interested in viewing other websites on a similar topic to the website they are currently visiting.

The system will be integrated into the user's browser environment through the use of a browser extension, allowing navigation of the internet while interacting with the social network without the requiring the user to install external software, allowing the use of the application on shared computers and by the security conscious."